Dog feeding

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What food is better for the dog?

How to feed a pregnant bitch? You are answering the different toy poodles. Here we have done an experiment to see what food the pregnant bitch will choose if we let her choose. See the video of the experiment.

Difference between canine and human digestion

What vegetables can the dog eat?

What fruits can the dog it?

 Meat and fish

  The dog can be fed natural foods o with artificial dog food. Choosing what suits your dog is not enough to buy food in the most beautiful package or the food what is advertised with more frequency. To make the right decision you need knowledge. Here we inform you.

  Speaking of natural dog feeding does not mean that we are talking about the food at the table. The dog has the digestive system different from humans and you have to take measures so as not to harm the dog´s health.

  Keep in mind that everyone who sells dog food has an interest - sell the product and for them it is a priority. And for us what gives more importance is the health of our pet.

  If in a sack or can of food there is a picture of very nice meat it does not mean that the food is made of meat. Where you can not be fooled is the label of composition and analytical components. But this label without a magnifying glass is in many cases invisible.

  Here you can see the composition, images, grain size and our opinion of wet feed and food for small breeds that we have tried for poodle toy.