The feeding of small dog and big breed is different because they have the fastet metabolism, the smallest stomach and in case of poodle toy we have to take into account the fur, because eating badly is not going to have the hair as it touches. And small dogs tend to be more whimsical with food than large dogs.

Manufacturers of dog food do not like to explane clearly what of the ingredients made the food. The composition of the product en on the bag or can of food is often written in very small letters, and many designations are not understandable to everyone.

 In search for the best food for poodle, we have tested feed for small dogs of different brands. Here we publish our impression on all the food we tried and a photo of the label on the composition of the food.

Es una pena que los fabricantes de ALPHA SPIRIT no produzcan gránulos pequeños, la comida es buena y huele delicioso.
So big