Dog kennel

Nursery of Poodle Toy Valor Inter Plata

  Despite the fact that we have a lot of Poodles, each of our dog is the most beloved and every day we devote a lot of time to all our poodles. From early morning until late evening, and sometimes at night our dogs are the focus of our attention.

 Our Poodles are the most important members of our family and we are constantly working on how to make our little friends happier, because they deserve it. On this page we will tell you how the littles kings of the big house live.

 We love toy poodles and we are dedicated to the breeding of this beautiful breed colors gray/silver, brown/chocolate, red and bicolor. We care very much to keep all the caracteristics of Poodle Toy perfect, for each female/ male that breeds, we study the blood that it carries, what breeding place it comesfrom and how it can improve the lines we have.

  All our poodles (exept bicolors) have Pedigree LOE/ FCI, full of Champions. We look for dogs all over the world to make our breeding the most exclusive and best. All parents of our nursery are healthy and free of genetic diseases (documented).

 If you want to have poodles in all its beauty, long curly hair requires care. Almost all of our poodles live en exibition haircuts. Many years ago the hairdresser in wich we cut our dogs had a very incomfortable parking. So I had to learn how to make poodle haircuts. And now we have so many poodles what if we didn't have our own hairdresser, we would spend whole days bringing the poodles to the hairdresser and back.

Введите текстBut in order for a poodle to be beautiful, a hairdresser alone is not enough. The Poodle  has already become more than just a dog, but has not yet become completely human. He should be able to move a lot, even poodles love to learn, and in order for poodles to be in good physical shape, they, like people, sometimes need fool-fledged relaxation. So we have a SPA for dogs and Fitness for dogs.

  Because quite recently we changed the house and we have not had time to build everything we want, we temporarily do not have a pool. In the old house we had a pool in which we swam with the poodles, and in the new house our poodles will have their own pool. For now, only puppies have a pool.

  We have special rooms for mothers and small puppies who need constant air temperature. Puppies, as long as they are not vaccinated when exposed to the environment, are in constant danger, so before vaccinations they live with their moms in their special home.