Poodle trainihg

  A dog of any breed will be devoted to its owner. But the intelligence of different breeds of dog is not the same. In 1994, Stanley Coren, a professor from Canada, based on research, compiled a rating of dog breeds by intelligence. She took into account three aspects: instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence and obidience intelligence. And the poodle breed is second in this list.

Basic training and tricks

Order -Go to the place. 

Here Toy Poodle is minimized.

Poodle dancing Tango. 

 Poodle learns to save himself from the pool

When do you have to start training the puppy?

                 The order NO.

First step - do not bite your hands.

  The poodle toy is very easy to educate, train and is always willing. It`s really fun when you want to do anything, in two seconds it will do it, pirouettes, jumps, dances, etc. You will be surprised with this race. It is to enjoy it and a lot.

 There are various tests for puppies, the resalts of which show and explain behavioral tendencies and individual characteristics of a dog`s character in the future.